Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Been busy - Some new recipes

Been working a lot lately, and been soo tiered when finally getting home. Anyway, made some sweets today, all of it turned out beautiful.

Mint chocolate
0,5 C grated cacao butter
1 T coconut oil
a few mint leaves
approx 1/6 C agave
1 T lucuma
1 T maca
2-3 T cacao
handful of cacao nibs

Blend and pour into molds!

I am trying to come up with a milk chocolate recipe. I had a go today, didn't turn out like milk chocolate, but it became like chewy chocolate instead, was SO yummy!

2 T Lucuma
0,5 T cacao
0,5 T maca
1/4 C grated cacao butter
1 T coconut oil

Mix and roll to bolls

Then I did some Raw Chocolate nibs cookies :) LOVE them

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