Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Raw food Detox week

I started my detox on Saturday, decided that I had to do something because I felt so run down, depressed, low energy levels, bad skin etc etc.

This is day for and I just feel sooooo GOOOOOD!!!!!
Even though, I have a lot of stessy-things on my mind I am feeling remarkably better.

Yesterday I did a 24 hours water fast and I was surprised over how well it went! I stopped eating the night before around 6 and then I didn't eat until 6 a'clock the day after, then I enjoyed a LOT of water melon (which tasted just amazing) and some raw naughty chocolates :D

Today for breakfast I had
Mango-Strawberry pudding with chocolate sauce
1 BIG mango
250 grams of Strawberries
2 dates
1 T Chia flour

Mix everything in a high speed blender, set a side

Dark chocolate sauce ( From Shazzie's and David Wolfe's book Naked Chocolate)
(half the batch)
2 heaped T raw cocoa powder
1,5 T agave
1/2 t coconut oil
(a little bit of water)

Mix by hand and drizzle it over your pudding! Enjoy!
(I saved half of it till later, to dip the rest of the strawberries in) :)

Was SO AMAZING! and it followed up by a wheatgrass shot

Usually in the mornings I have a green protein smoothie which consists: 1 scoop of Sunwarrior natural protein powder
1 T mesquite
1 heaped T spirulina
1 T bee pollen
1 heaped T chia flower
1 C water

Blend in a high speed blender

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