Thursday, March 25, 2010


Lately I have been doing really bad with sticking to eating raw 80% of the time, and believe me, I can FEEL it! This whole week I have suffered from headaches, tiredness and lack of energy and joy. I am currently trying to be raw 80 % of the time, and some days 100%. It's very interesting how you start to look at food, food that you considered healthy is now giving you headaches, when you meet other people and hear their opinions about what is healthy you just wanna shake them and tell them you're so wrong!!! But you can't because they wouldn't believe you. If I told them that their cereals with skimmed milk and bread with light cheese is bad for you they would just look at me like I was an idiot.

Then I have realized that just because something has been consumed forever and being used daily in our lives, doesn't mean is it good for us. Like fluoride tooth paste!

Sometime ago I read this little line, and it has really help me, imagine what a few words can do! I don't remember who said it, could have been Russel James,

Even monkeys fall
Which basically means, even though you're not perfect and have you moments when you eat sad food, pick yourself up and be good again, don't make one failure lead to another, which I am really bad at, but I do really work on it, and if you have the same problems you should as well!

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