Thursday, March 4, 2010

Raw day 6

God morning!
Today I started my day with a green juice (cucumber and celery) then I did 20 min yoga and then I went to the fruit shop. Unfortunately, they don't sell organic fruits and vegs there :( and I don't have a car so that's my only option at the moment.

Anyway, I bought a fairly big piece of pineapple which I mixed with handful of gojiberries and juice of 2 oranges. It became quite a lot of smoothie (couldn't fit all in my glass so I poured some in a separate little glass and added chlorella powder to it about 2 teaspoons. Bought it recently but today was the first time I tried it. It contains even more chlorophyll than spirulina!! Which is very good if you're doing a detox. Taste-vise, I think I prefer spirulina i smoothies, not that chlorella had ha bad taste it just have a much stronger sea weed flavor, which I don't reckon goes as well with sweet fruits as spirulina. And as with all other superfoods it is packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, antioxidants. Gonna do some more research about chlorella and write a more specific description of it.

Have a juicy day!

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