Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Raw food makes me so happy!

Yesterday I was 100% raw. The day before I was 80%. But lately in general I have had bad days :( But as a wise man once said Even monkeys fall.

Yesterday was the first day in a little while where I was 100% raw and I felt such happiness, I was out of this world, like taking happy pill, and all I did was making some raw ice cream and raw chocolate goji/sunflower squares! My life feels so much easier and I am GLOWING again :)

Anyway, the raw ice cream I made I pretty much followed the recipe below except from I just used only water, no cashew milk, and I added cacao, lucuma and cacao nibs. AMAZING!!! I love raw ice cream so so so much.

Now, I am munching on water melon, which is my favorite fruit :)

Happy days!

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