Thursday, March 11, 2010

Raw Cookie dough Ice cream! Just like Ben&Jerry's but BETTER

Today I have made MAGIC in the kitchen. I used to LOVE Ben & Jerry's cookie dough, it was sooo yummy! It was my favorite. For a long time I have made these excellent Raw chocolate nibs (chips) cookies and I though what If I manage to make a sick raw ice cream and then combine these two? That was what happened today , and OMG SO GOOOD!!

Here is the recipe, Have to share the love!

For the vanilla Ice Cream
1 C cashews soaked or unsoaked doesn't matter
1,5 C water
1 C cashew mylk
1 whole vanilla bean (put the whole bean in)
1/2 C raisins
1/2 C agave light or if you use the dark one a bit less
2 small chunks of cacao butter
a pinch of salt

Blend in a high speed blender until smooth, then put it in a ice cream maker or your favorite way to make ice cream.

For the chocolate nibs cookies
I never measure this recipe but this is my guess, too simple you can't make it wrong :)
2 C oat "flour"
1-1.5 C cashew "flour"
2-3 T coconut butter
agave after taste
a pinch of salt (optional) taste awesome without to be honest
cacao nibs a handful

Mix everything in a high speed blender/food processor except the cacao nibs.
When the dough is smooth put it in a bowl and add the cacao nibs, mix by hand and add a little bit of love:)

Use some of the dough for making cookies (which can be dehydrated, I eat them as they are and I love them that way) and roll small balls with the rest and mix in to the already made ice cream, put in the freezer to firm up a bit (If you can manage) otherwise just eat straight away!
Hope you enjoy it as much as myself!

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